Roof Repairs

Is Roof Repair or Replacement Needed?

Whether your roof is in need of roof repair or replacement Davis Roofing can help. No matter your project, we will have a range of proven, long-term, economical options that can meet your unique needs. Sometimes it is possible to take care of a  roofing problem with a repair but if that repair becomes extensive a roof replacement may be the best route. A roof inspection will assist in knowing which choice is the best for both short and longer term solutions. Safety is the first priority!

Additional services include custom designed gutters, and waterproofing systems to protect your property from structural damage/deterioration.

Signs that a New Roof is Needed

Roof age is not always a clear indication for the need of roof repair or replacement. You can look for these other warning signs.

Warning signs we generally look for:
  • Moisture Damage
  • Lifts or Uneven Cover
  • Soft Areas