Clay Tiling

Clay tiling for roofing material offers a clean, modern look for homes. It is popular for those looking to give their home a Southwestern look, or Italian or Spanish Mission design. Clay is regarded as a good roofing material no matter the region in which it is used. This is because clay is resistant mold, decay, and even insects. It also won’t burn and often times, will outlast the decking it is built on. 

Clay Tiling Advantages

Clay tiling also offers advantages in warmer climates because it is naturally insulating and heat resistant. Clay tiling does not absorb the heat of the sun and also allows air movement below and above.

  • Heat resistant
  • Allows air circulation
  • Mold resistant
  • Insect resistant
  • Long lasting

There are a few disadvantages to consider with clay tiling for instance their weight. This material is heavier and it is important to be sure the structure will support the weigh in addition to limitations on pitch etc.

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